JDM Alliance strives to provide the best possible buying experience for used JDM engines and auto parts. While others brag to you about how big they are, how low their prices are, or how high their quality is, we do things differently for you. JDM Alliance believes in showing you proof, instead of bragging about ourselves.


...So Prove It!

Everything we say to you, everything we ask you to believe us... you will always see proof. Experienced buyers consider the used JDM engine industry to be dark and full of scams, just like the used car industry. And 99% of companies make bogus claims, especially on the Internet.

But JDM Alliance has set out a mission not only to meet your customer service expectations, but also to make the extra effort to prove to you that buying a used JDM engine from a reputable dealer is well worth its weight in gold. And that saving a few cents sometimes costs too much.


So JDM Alliance has the Best Quality?

All used JDM engines and parts are genuinely imported straight from Japan and come with a 30-day start-up warranty. Although everyone claims to "hand-pick only the best quality engines from running vehicles" for you, we walk the extra mile and prove to you that we truly import only the best.

Ever wonder why most photos from other dealers are always purposely dark, blurry, and at best... unclear? Ask them for actual photos of their engines and they will never be clear and crisp. Possibly because they've got something to hide.


And why can't anyone ever provide you with...

...a good quality JDM engine, instead of bragging to you about how many engines they have in stock, how low their prices are, or how many engines they ship out each day?

...clear, crisp, and accurate photos of the engines if they are truly good quality? "no time to do it" and "too hard to do" are nothing but poor excuses. Today's digital camera technology will make any good quality JDM engine look good in photos.

...an actual photo of YOUR engine before you give them your hard-earned money? Why do you always have to take the risk??

...an actual photo of YOUR engine all packed up and ready to go before you pay? If they're going to pack it up later anyways, why can't they do it before just so you can have the extra re-assurance? Unless they're really too busy to serve you well. Then they're probably too busy to win your business anyway.

...some friendly, helpful, no-pressure customer service?

...most importantly...a good buying experience which meets or exceeds your expectations and their "superior" claims?


The ONLY thing about us is You

The only thing about our Company is You. What we can do for you. Everyone can claim they have the biggest warehouse, the most engines, the best quality engines, the lowest prices ever, etc. But not everyone can really claim and prove that they put in the extra effort only to make the customer happy. As a matter of fact, you would have trouble even finding a company which honors the return and warranty policies they claim.

So instead of focusing and bragging about us, this section focuses on YOU. Because our company has experienced growth through knowing that it is all about what we can do for YOU - and how we can provide YOU with top quality JDM engines at truly reasonable prices. And above all, how we can back up our claims of importing truly hand-picked, low-mileage JDM engines.